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Welcome to Nurses for Reform (NFR).

The purpose of NFR is to campaign for more consumer-led and sustainable healthcare systems in Britain, Europe and around the world. To do this, NFR makes clear its views and policy ideas to decision-makers and opinion formers in the media, academia and government, as well as the general public.

By publishing articles in influential media and by holding a wide range of events the organisation is a prominent and respected source of new ideas and information.

Selected Highlights of NFR’s Successes

Hoover InstituteReforming America's Heath Care System

In December 2010, Dr. Helen Evans has a chapter published in a major new book from Standford University’s Hoover Institution. The book is called Reforming America’s Healthcare System.

LBC Radio

In December 2010, Dr. Helen Evans of Nurses for Reform is interviewed on LBC’s breakfast show.

European Source Bank

In September 2010, Dr. Helen Evans speaks at the European Resource Bank meeting in London.


In June 2010, the blog Parburypolitica comments on NFR’s views.

Progressive Vision

In June 2010, NFR’s Dr. Helen Evans is awarded a Senior Fellowship at the think tank Progressive Vision.

Libertarian Alliance

In May 2010, Dr. Helen Evans is appointed as a Senior Fellow at the UK’s radical free market and civil liberties think tank for life, liberty and property, the Libertarian Alliance.


In April 2010, Dr. Helen Evans participates in a debate on healthcare for the NHS Fast-track management trainees.

The Daily Telegraph

In March 2010, Dr Helen Evans has an Op-Ed featured in The Daily Telegraph.

Adam Smith Institute

In March 2010, Dr. Helen Evans is featured on The Adam Smith Institute blog.


In March 2010, Spinwatch comment on Nurses for Reform’s meeting with the leader of the UK’s Conservative Party, David Cameron.

Socialist Health Association

In March 2010, the Socialist Health Association reports NFR’s views on healthcare reform.

Daily Mirror

In February 2010, the Daily Mirror continues to comment on Dr. Helen Evans’s meeting with the leader of the UK’s Conservative Party, David Cameron MP.

Power Base

In February 2010, Nurses for Reform is featured on the PowerBase database.

Oxford Union Society

In February 2010, Dr. Helen Evans participates in a debate at The Oxford Union.

Tom Harris

In January 2010, Tom Harris MP commented on Dr Helen Evans’s meeting with the leader of the UK’s Conservative Party, David Cameron.

Labour List.Org

In January 2010, LabourList also comments on Dr Helen Evans meeting with David Cameron.

Nursing Times

In January 2010, the Nursing Times reported an interview with Dr. Helen Evans on the future of nursing.

Kingswood People

In January 2010, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Sally Fitz-Harris features NFR ideas in her election information.

Oxford Libertarian Society

In January 2010, The Oxford Libertarian Society makes publicly available the video of Dr. Helen Evans speaking at an event alongside Shane Frith, the Director of Progressive Vision.

Liberal Conspiracy

In January 2010, the Liberal Conspiracy blog features an article on Nurses for Reform.

Daily Mirror

In January 2010, The Daily Mirror attacks Nurses for Reform.

Nursing Times

In January 2010, the Nursing Times attacks the work Nurses for Reform.

John Prescott

In January 2010, Rt. Hon John Prescott MP attacks Nurses for Reform.

New Statesman

In January 2010, NFR is mentioned in The New Statesman.

Mental Nurse

In January 2010, the Mental Nurse Blog attacks Nurse for Reform.

Labour Members Net

In January 2010, the Labour Members web site commented on Nurses for Reform’s meeting with the leader of the UK’s Conservative Party, David Cameron MP.

Liberal Conspiracy

In December 2009, Liberal Conspiracy reports Dr. Helen Evans’s recent meeting with the leader of the UK’s Conservative Party, David Cameron.


Daily Mirror

In December 2009, The Daily Mirror reports Dr. Helen Evans’s recent meeting with the leader of the UK’s Conservative Party, David Cameron. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2009/12/28/kick-in-the-privates-115875-21926813/  


Sunday Telegraph

In December 2009, The Sunday Telegraph reports Dr. Helen Evans’s recent meeting with the leader of the UK’s Conservative Party, David Cameron. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/david-cameron/6890179/David-Cameron-meets-NHS-privatisation-campaigners.html


Adam Smith Institute

In December 2009 NFR’s Director, Dr Helen Evans, publishes an article on the Adam Smith Institute’s blog. It is headlined ‘The Micropolitics of Hospital Privatisation’. The piece puts forward a detailed range of UK health policy reforms aimed at a new government.


Helen Evans with David Cameron

In December 2009, NFR’s Director Dr. Helen Evans, meets with the leader of the UK’s Conservative Party, David Cameron, to discuss NFR’s detailed ideas for the future of UK Healthcare policy.


Heritage Foundation

In November 2009, a film made by Dr. Helen Evans with the Heritage Foundation is made available online. Describing the cold realities of the NHS and designed to educate an American audience on the dangers of state healthcare it is called ‘How Government run Healthcare works’.


Dr Helen Evans lecture

In November 2009, Dr Helen Evans speaks at the Oxford Libertarian Society on ‘Alternatives to Government run Healthcare’.

The Washington Post

In October 2009, The Washington Times promotes the work of Dr. Helen Evans and NFR’s plans to set up Nurses for Reform USA. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/oct/16/hot-button-55210008/

Manhattan Institute

In October 2009, Dr. Helen Evans met in New York with representatives of the Manhattan Institute to discuss the politics of US healthcare reform. http://www.manhattan-institute.org/


In October 2009, Dr. Helen Evans of NFR met in Washington DC with Michael Tanner, Senior Fellow of the health team at the CATO Institute. http://www.cato.org/ Dr. Evans also met with CATO’s new media team to discuss ways in which the two organisations can work closer together in the future.

Galen Institute

In October 2009, Dr Helen Evans of NFR met in Washington DC with Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute http://www.galen.org/ to discuss ways in which NFR can have a greater impact on health policy debate in the United States.


In October 2009, Dr. Helen Evans met in Washington DC with Jack Calfee of the American Enterprise Institute http://www.aei.org/ to discuss the latest trends in UK healthcare and the challenges and opportunities associated with the Obamacare debate.

Patients First

In October 2009, Dr. Helen Evans of NFR meets in Washington DC with representatives of ‘Patients First: Hands Off Our Healthcare’ http://www.joinpatientsfirst.com/ Here, Helen is also interviewed for television advertisement to be screened later in the year.


In October 2009, Dr. Helen Evans of NFR speaks in Washington DC at a weekly ‘Wednesday Meeting’ of Americans for Tax Reform http://www.atr.org/ There are more than 200 leading opinion formers in attendance.

Heritage Foundation

In October 2009, NFR is hosted in Washington DC by the health team of the Heritage Foundation. Following a briefing meeting in which the two organisations discuss future co-operation, Dr. Helen Evans is interviewed for an on-line video.

Conservative Home

In September 2009, the major UK political blog, Conservative Home, http://conservativehome.blogs.com/ highlights Dr. Helen Evans’s recent blog published by the Institute of Economic Affairs. http://blog.iea.org.uk/?p=552


In September 2009, Dr. Helen Evans of NFR publishes a blog with the leading UK think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs http://blog.iea.org.uk/?p=552 headlined ‘Drink Driving is bad but the NHS is worse’. It points out that more people are now malnourished or starved each year in the NHS than are killed on the UK’s roads.

Your Freedom And Ours

In August 2009, Your Freedom and Ours, praises NFR for having an interesting blog.


In August 2009, the major UK top 50 political blogger Mark Wadsworth praises NFR’s manifesto.

BBC Radio Leeds

In August 2009, an NFR Advisory Board spokesman is interviewed live on BBC Radio Leeds praising Dan Hannan’s recent comments on the NHS.

BBC Somerset

In August 2009, the Director of NFR Dr. Helen Evans is interviewed live on BBC Somerset. She criticises socialised medicine and urges significant reform of the UK’s health sector.


In July 2009, Conservative Home highlights the recent IEA blog post written by the Director of NFR, Dr. Helen Evans.  


In July 2009, the major UK top 50 political blogger Mark Wadsworth, heralds Dr. Helen Evans’s recent IEA blog post by calling it a “fine article”. http://markwadsworth.blogspot.com/2009/07/why-i-despise-tories.html


In July 2009, Dr. Helen Evans of NFR publishes a major blog posting with the IEA called ‘Why public spending cuts are an historic opportunity for UK healthcare’. http://blog.iea.org.uk/?p=484 



In July 2009, NFR’s Director, Dr. Helen Evans is interviewed on the primetime BBC television programme the One Show. Defending health privatisation, she is watched by more than 4 million viewers.


In May 2009, Dr. John Meadowcroft spoke at an NFR Journalists’ Salon Dinner. A lecturer in public policy at Kings College, London University, the title of his talk was: ‘Patients, Power and Politics – Government Failure in the National Health Service’. The many guests included Dr. Richard Wellings of the Institute of Economic Affairs, Tom Clougherty of the Adam Smith Institute, Shane Frith of Progressive Vision, Keith Boyfield of the Centre for Policy Studies, Mr. John Wilden of Global Health Futures and Dr. Tim Evans of the Economic Policy Centre.



In March 2009, the Nurses for Reform blog at www.NFRblog.com is chosen by the Adam Smith Institute as one of their ‘Best Blog’ recommendations.


In February 2009, Dr. Helen Evans published a major new paper with the Washington DC think tank the Heritage Foundation. Called ‘Comparative Effectiveness in Health Care: Lessons from Abroad’, the paper was distributed widely on Capitol Hill and was formally launched on the day that comparative effectiveness was discussed as part of the administration’s stimulus bill. http://www.heritage.org/Research/HealthCare/bg2239.cfm


In February 2009, Dr. Helen Evans’s Heritage Foundation paper called Comparative Effectiveness in Health Care: Lessons from Abroad is prominently featured on the Adam Smith Institute’s (ASI) Blog. This is significant as the ASI’s site is now one of the most widely read political blogs in Europe attracting more than 250,000 readers each month.  http://www.adamsmith.org/blog/health/don%27t-do-it,-president-obama-200902062899/


In February 2009, Dr. Helen Evans and Nurses for Reform were formally recognised in the acknowledgement section of a major new book called ‘The Rotten State of Britain’ written by the Adam Smith Institute’s Director, Dr. Eamonn Butler. The book has already been received well and contains many NFR policy ideas in its health section. Former British Prime Minister Sir John Major said of the book: “Welcome and very readable”.


In February 2009, Dr. Helen Evans’s recent paper published by the Heritage Foundation was prominently and favourably reviewed in the Galen Institute’s regular newsletter: ‘Health Policy Matters’ (scroll down to Comparative Effectiveness). http://www.galen.org/component,8/action,show_content/id,14/blog_id,1158/category_id,0/type,33/


In February 2009, Dr. Helen Evans’s recent Heritage Foundation paper is positively reviewed on the Blog of the London-based think tank the Libertarian Alliance. http://libertarianalliance.wordpress.com/2009/02/10/health-care-reform-lessons-from-abroad/


In February 2009, Dr. Helen Evans is interviewed by Emily Waltz of ‘Nature Biotechnology’ magazine. Discussing Health Technology Assessment and US plans for a Comparative Effectiveness Institute, Evans provided a critical assessment of the US government’s planned healthcare reforms.


In February 2009, Dr. Helen Evans publishes an article on top-up fees in the magazine for British health executives and senior managers: National Health Executive. This journal in particular is read by many thousands of senior health decision makers.


In January 2009, NFR Director Dr. Helen Evans co-edits a special health edition of the leading academic journal Economic Affairs: the journal of the Institute of Economic Affairs. As well as writing two of the published articles, other authors cover Canadian and US healthcare; the medical professional monopoly; healthcare in Switzerland and Singapore; the rise of the therapeutic state and getting around third party payer problems.


In January 2009, the Institute of Economic Affairs reports that the leader of the British Conservative Party, David Cameron, has been reading the IEA book: ‘Towards a Liberal Utopia’. This is significant for Nurses for Reform as Dr. Helen Evans was the co-author of the major chapter on the future of UK health policy. http://blog.iea.org.uk/?p=237


As well as being the Director of Nurses for Reform, Dr. Helen Evans continues to benefit from also being a Health Fellow with the London-based  think tank the Adam Smith Institute. In January 2009, the institute is identified by Foreign Policy Magazine as being one of the world’s top 5 economic public policy institutes.


In December 2008, Dr. Helen Evans is invited as one of four guests of honour to attend and address the Institute of Economic Affairs academic advisory council Christmas lunch. The audience includes Britain’s leading academic economists and journalists. The lunch is attended by university academics, senior staff from the Bank of England and journalists such as Sir Samuel Britain of the Financial Times.

In October 2008, Dr. Helen Evans represents NFR at the Adam Smith Institute’s annual leadership school for young scholars – the Independent Symposium on the Open Society. The title of her talk is ‘the political economy of healthcare. The event is attended by more than 200 people.


British Journal of Nursing

In September 2008, NFR publishes the lead comment article in this month’s edition of the British Journal of Nursing. In it Dr. Evans continues her campaign arguing that the British government should allow a system of co-payments for innovative cancer drugs. This campaign was finally successful when in the following month the government accepted co-payments as government policy.


In September 2008, the leading weekly magazine of the British centre-left, the New Statesman quotes NFR’s Dr. Helen Evans in a major article on the collapse of NHS dentistry. Evans welcomes its demise and argues for private alternatives.


Doctors for Reform

In September 2008, NFR co-hosts with Doctors for Reform a dinner for 20 leading UK health journalists and opinion formers. The subject for discussion is the future of socialised medicine.


In August 2008, Independent Nurse Magazine publishes an article by Dr. Helen Evans headed ‘Privatisation can save our healthcare’.


In August 2008, the Stockholm Network’s health magazine Guzundheit! publishes an article by NFR’s Director, Dr. Helen Evans. The piece examins the role of patients in health markets.                  


In July 2008, the Daily Telegraph Blog not only publishes an article by Dr. Helen Evans but she is made a regular contributor.


photo : Stephen Pollard

In July 2008, the Centre for the New Europe reports that Dr. Helen Evans’s latest book is available from the IEA.


In July 2008, BBC Radio 5 Live interviews Dr. Helen Evans for 45 minutes. She is nationally heard by more than 4 million listeners.


In July 2008, Dr. Helen Evans publishes an article on the Daily Telegraph blog:

In June 2008, the blog of Libertarian Alliance www.libertarian.co.uk – the UK’s radical free market and civil liberties think tank – publishes a very positive article on a recent NFR/IEA book. Called: Sixty Years On – Who Cares for the NHS? It is described as a ‘must read’.


In June 2008, the Adam Smith Institute publishes a very positive blog entitled: ‘Helen Evans: the political class no longer believe in the NHS’: http://www.adamsmith.org/blog/health/helen-evans:-the-political-class-no-longer-believe-in-nhs-200806231599/

Pharma Marketletter

In June 2008, Pharma Marketletter has a major article reporting Dr. Helen Evans’s book with the IEA.

Head of Communications Chris Mounsey

In June 2008: Leading UK political blog The Devils Kitchen publishes a very supportive blog on the IEA book and the work of Nurses for Reform:

In June 2008, the UK’s largest free market blog, Samizdata, reports the publication of Helen Evans’s recent IEA book.


In June 2008, the Nurses for Reform Blog reports the publication of Dr. Evans’s book with the IEA.


In June 2008, the Stockholm Network’s Weekly Newsletter reports the publication of Dr. Helen Evans’s book with the IEA.


In June 2008, a joint IEA/NFR press release is emailed to more than 1,000 healthcare opinion formers and academics around the world. The list includes many players in Europe and more than 500 members of the Mont Pelerin Society http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mont_Pelerin_Society 


In June 2008, the prestigious London think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs, publishes in association with Nurses for Reform Dr. Helen Evans’s major new book ‘Sixty Years On – Who Cares for the NHS?’ http://www.iea.org.uk/record.jsp?type=release&ID=142 Copies of the book and a press release are posted out to more than 1000 leading journalists and opinion formers across Europe and the US. It is widely reported in the high quality media. While NFR has always believed that independent health technology assessments can provide vital information on the effectiveness of different treatments and medications, it argues that in the UK such programmes should be transparent and not part of a wider government rationing process designed to deny patients innovative and high quality treatments. As such, the IEA book provides Dr. Evans with a range of opportunities to criticise NICE and further demand openness and transparency in its decision-making processes. Given the underlying narrative of ‘Who Cares for the NHS’ is that at the 60th anniversary of the service most opinion formers now privately accept it relies on unacceptable and unsustainable levels of restriction to timely and innovative medicines and treatments the point is forcibly made that the uptake of new medicines in the UK is poor. As such, the study provides US opinion formers and other stakeholders with a stark warning about going down the road of ever more politicised and statist health reform.

Moreover, the book shows that in the UK politicians will go to any lengths to persuade the voting public that the National Health Service is safe in their hands. Alternative policy models cannot be placed before the electorate unless political parties take huge risks. Yet, at the same time, we see even a Labour government drawing private finance into the health service and giving patients rights to use the private sector.

Importantly, this groundbreaking new study shows that although the politicians do not feel confident in proposing radical new models of healthcare, elite opinion in the media, in political circles, in academia and in policy think tanks has fallen out of love with the idea of a centrally planned health service providing and financed by government. Elite opinion does not, as yet, warm to a free market in healthcare. Although aspects of a market-based system are accepted, ideas of ‘market failure’ loom large – especially amongst the political class. Nevertheless, Dr. Evans does show how some groups of opinion formers are prepared to be more radical. These groups, she believes, may in time be effective in promoting a vision of a market in healthcare that is free from government interference and from the stifling power of government granted professional monopoly.

In June 2008, NFR Director Dr. Helen Evans is interviewed on the flagship BBC current affairs news programme: Newsnight. The interview is watched by more than 4 million people.

In June 2008, the Nurses for Reform Blog reports the publication of Dr. Evans’s book with the IEA.

In June 2008, the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest launches an on-line interview with NFR’s director, Dr. Helen Evans.


In June 2008, the Galen Institute promote the work of Nurses for Reform on their weekly email briefing titled: Health Policy Matters.

In May 2008, Independent Radio News interviews Dr. Helen Evans of NFR. The interview is played on 250 independent radio stations up and down the United Kingdom. It is heard by my millions of people.

In October 2007, NFR’s director Dr. Helen Evans speaks at a health event organised by the Institute of Economic Affairs. Dr. Evans talks about the role of markets in British and European healthcare systems.

In September 2007, US Nurse Joe Peacott becomes an occasional writer on NFR’s blog and launches the organisation’s transatlantic programme. An expert on non-state cooperative and mutualist health systems his primary objective is to dispel many of the myths that frequently surround US healthcare in Europe.

In September 2007, NFR Director Dr. Helen Evans publishes a column in the Stockholm Network’s Health and Welfare newsletter.

In June 2007, Chicago Tribune publishes a letter that supports the NFR’s opinion editorial published the previous day.


In June 2007, NFR publishes an opinion editorial in The Boston Herald.


Health Care BS

In June 2007, NFR is favourably reported in a blog called ‘Sicko debunked by NHS nurse’ on the site ‘Health Care BS’.

In June 2007, NFR’s work is promoted in an article ‘Their ain’t no such thing as a free NHS’ on Brian Micklethwait’s blog.

Crazy Politico’s Rantings

In June 2007, NFR’s views are reported in an article headed ‘Sicko Needs Prozac?’ on the blog Crazy Politico’s Rantings.

In June 2007, NFR publishes an opinion editorial in the Chicago Tribune that condemns Michael Moore’s movie Sicko. http://www.chicagotribune.com/services/newspaper/premium/printedition/Tuesday/chi-oped0626sickojun26,1,5503687.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

Gus Van Horn

In June 2007, the views of NFR’s director are favourably reviewed in an article called ‘Nurse gives rectal exam to Sicko’ on the blog Gus Van Horn.

Creative Destruciton

In June 2007, NFR’s views are highlighted in an article called ‘What Sicko missed’ on the blog Creative Destruction.

In June 2007, NFR is highlighted in an article called ‘You wont get this truth from Sicko’ on Jackie Danicki’s Blog.

All Things Conservative

In June 2007, NFR is favourably mentioned in an article called ‘How to ruin health care’ on the blog All Things Conservative.

In June 2007, NFR is mentioned in a Health Business Analysis article entitled ‘Is grass greener in Canada?’ on the newswire service United Press International. http://www.upi.com/Health_Business/Analysis/2007/06/15/analysis_is_grass_greener_in_canada/4154/

In June 2007, NFR director Dr. Helen Evans speaks at a Galen Institute Lunch for 170 US Health Opinion Formers at the National Press Club in Washington DC. The speech is entitled ‘Is there a role for markets in healthcare?’ Dr. Evans’s speech warns Americans not to follow the single-payer model of healthcare funding and provides examples of failure from the NHS. http://www.galen.org/healthabroad.asp?DocID=1033

In June 2007, NFR director, Dr. Helen Evans, speaks at a Galen Institute Breakfast Briefing for US patient groups and healthcare leaders in Washington DC.

In June 2007, the Galen Institute promotes the work of Nurses for Reform on their weekly email briefing entitled Health Policy Matters.

In March 2007, Dr. Helen Evans of NFR meets with the UK’s Secretary of State for Health. Rt. Hon. Patricia Hewitt MP is delighted to hear about NFR’s support for the pro-privatisation ‘social enterprise’ agenda.

In February 2007, NFR publishes an opinion editorial in Independent Nurse Magazine (a leading magazine for nurses in primary care) that promotes the work and ideas of the organisation.

In January 2007, NFR publishes the lead letter in The Times (of London) criticising the UK government’s overt rationing of health services.

In November 2006, NFR launches its blog at www.NFRblog.com

In November 2006, the political journalist Stephen Pollard praises the arrival of NFR and sees it as a competitor to the Royal College of Nursing. http://www.stephenpollard.net/003022.html

In November 2006, Samizdata heralds the arrival of NFR.

In October 2006, Jackie Danicki praises Helen Evans and heralds the arrival of NFR. http://www.jackiedanicki.com/?p=878

In September 2006, NFR launches its main web site at www.NursesForReform.com

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